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Active connection

1.After loading the maps you can localize the wanted vehicles. For that purpose we press the work plot “Active connection”
2.Small red dot can be seen (if the vehicle is moving) or green (if the engine of the vehicle is off). They show the position of the object inn that right moment.For localizing the exact vehicle from “Active connection”
Double press the left button of the mouse on the field of the object you want.
3.You can see in more comfortable scale where is the object at the moment. If it is in a bigger city its map is automatically loaded.
4.You have opportunities from the extra menu for control(which you can pull out after single click with the right button of the mouse on the vehicle) to choose definite device, which to be centralized all the time, to be accurate if visual exit or visualized on Open Street Map.
5.If you choose Vizualize in Open Street Map a base is pulled out ,on which the vehicle is scaled.You have the possibility to enlarge and reduce the scale, and also the zooming of the vehicle.