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Start the program ‘Sleda

1.Start the program ‘Sleda’

2.Type in the “Server” field:
•the IP address of the server containing your data(it can be installed either on yours or on Electroninvest server)
•“DB Name” the name of your base
•“User” type the user name
•“Password” type the password the administrator did
•“Language” you can adjust the language you want. Then push the „Start” button.

3.A window is shown ,where you should type your data, given from the administrator:

If you want to go back to the previous window for changing the language, username, or password press the “Logout DB” button.

If everything is typed correctly you enter the system with the defined rights.

4.After opening the program you should load the maps for Bulagria and Sofia(the other maps are loaded automatically ). Push the button marked on the picture with red arrow and mark the maps Bulgaria.map and/or Sofia.map.