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SLEDA features

Monitor real-time movement and status of all vehicles in the system
● alert for emergencies
● Monitoring of certain groups of vehicles
● traveled routes displayed on the map
● Generating road sheet.
● Preparation of reports with the following minimum information: - start and end of movement
kilometers traveled
Maximum speed
average speed
all types of stays (small, medium and long term)
urban and suburban traffic
visited settlements
Web sites
different types of abnormalities in the movement
● TRACK - graphics speed
● Preparation of reports on the state of analog and digital inputs: - timing of the fuel level in the reservoir
warnings collapse of the fuel level on the graph and visualization on the map
viewing locations on the map to switch digital inputs
statement of the distance involved with digital inputs (counter, etc.).
follow through uneven
Create routes traffic to the comparison chart of visits
Create objects time for reporting visit them: - monitoring the time and duration of visits to each site
count the number of visits to a facility for a specified period of time
generate distortions deviations. Create permitted / prohibited areas of movement
● Implementation and monitoring of the actual mileage of the vehicle. Division of motor vehicles by region / by functional status
● predictable fuel at pre-set spending limit
● Measuring distances on the map
● Animation of the movement of one or all cars
● Animation movement of all vehicles, synchronized during
● Record all impacts on the device: - interruption of power
the presence or absence of a GPS antenna
lack of GPS signal
lack of GPRS connectivity
● Possibility of remote access based on (a customer application)