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Settings-at the start of the work program must first enter the necessary information on the company, control points, routes, and then need to enter your vehicle's and their drivers.
Control points (objects), control groups, Route
OBJECTS: Set in several ways:

- Of TOOLS / object / MENU / NEW SITE is marked on the map of the required space. In the window that appears to bring the individual characteristics of the object: name to describe, photos (if necessary), time control. Weather control default is 24 hours.

- When loaded route traffic DETAILED BACKGROUND show: MOVEMENT, STAY (various species). In a single click on the throne, and rule of the scaling map is shown his place. If a double-click the window automatically appears to create a new object that can be created. That could easily be set up sites on the route to go.
Items may be square or polygon. Type is selected from: OBJECTS / Area / Control group

Facilities / MENU / New Group creates a new control group
A control point (object) can be in control of various routes.
Add an item to another route:

- Mark the route - on the left side of the screen objects appear in it;
- The right side of the screen where all objects are marked with the mouse and drag necessary to left side, to the list of establishments in this route;
- If time is needed to control the facility double click on the window it appears to modify the object, which sets the time to visit.

- The same object can appear multiple times in a route. It is time to visit the site to be different every time.
Garage - sites down for long and parking of vehicles based in th. From "Tools" submenu click on "Garage":
Appears Panel Items will not be saved "from" Menu "able to choose to add a garage in the form of Square, circle or polygon.
Selecting the "Square" by selecting the control zone drawing of your desired area and then enter name, description and a group that belongs to the garage. Able to enter during which to exercise control over the garage.
Selecting the "circle" select your desired item, and enter name, description, time control and monitoring group for the garage.

When selecting "Delete" from the menu you want delete the garage, after confirmation of your desired action.

To bring the card inserted in selected from the above list of ways to secure your system from "Preview" choose "Garage" and select your desired group
Populated places
To display the menu locations and work with them from panel "Tools" select "Settlements". You can add, search, edit and delete places.

Able to add location as drawing its borders in several ways (rectangle, circle, polygon). It is preferable to going through the so-called method in which polygon drawing your desired limits of the locality. After double-clicking in the final point after drawing polygons of your desired field lines go in which you enter the name and information about the settlement.

To visualize your settlements from panel "Preview" choose "Settlements" and then the card is a drawing you entered settlements.
BC (border crossing)
BC is option related to leasing cars, which must not leave the territory, while approaching to a border of your vehicle it will alert you. To enter the border of the panel "Tools" select "border". On the window that appears choose "Menu". You can add, edit or delete a particular border.

To add a new border crossing, select "Add border" with the pointer then select the desired border. After clicking on your desired location Measure name of the site, diameter of the object, a description of the site. Displays and information on the geographical coordinate of the site.
To see more entries from the panel border "Preview" choose "border".

All necessary information for each card drivers:
- Names, Birthday date, qualifications;
- Driving a vehicle;
- ID numbers of RFID card used (if any);

Data any vehicle for normal operation of the system and generate reports:
- Registration number;
- Year of manufacture;
- Number of built-in GPS device;
- A brief description of the vehicle;
- Functional group;
- Region of operation;
- Starting mileage;
- Maximum permitted speed;
- Plan able fuel consumption - urban, , winter, summer (actually tracked or regulations);
- Possibility to set the color and display an icon for individual routes of movement.
Bring all the periodic and single action on maintenance of motor vehicle fleet and introducing individual working time of each vehicle:
- Single action: linings, carrying details of the part and a change is not just a certain period;
- Periodical activities: annual technical reviews, change oil, belts, filters and more.
In the periodic events are introduced:
- The frequency of repetition - the distance or time;
- Time for a warning before the end of the event.
The system shall have occurred and the upcoming one-off and
periodic actions service vehicles.
In the menu to bring working hours working days and time of the given vehicle.

The system maintains various groups devices according to the functions and tasks to solve:
- Administration, sales agents, technicians, suppliers, service and others.
The funds may be divided on a regional basis in the national - Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna ... or local level: Mladost, Lyulin, Nadezhda
Bring all necessary data for one or several companies who use motor vehicle fleet.
With this tool will be assigned during the archiving and the opportunity automatically of his making.
In order to interoperability and fast work with the program makes a record of time and usually work only with data from the last 1-2 months. If the request set using archival data, the system gives a warning that the bill will be delayed automatically unarchived and visualize data. After execution of the application archive is restored automatically.
Privileged users (creating new users: administators and users. Assign their right to work the system, affordable cars and drivers.)
Panel of business "after" select "Privileged consumer"
In the log window appears with your user (usually Administrator) and then enter the password for it and pressing "Enter".

Appears the administrators panel with information on users and their possibilities add / delete users and edit their rights.

To add a new user select the button „Add”
On the window that appears in the "Name" enter your desired username in the field "Password" enter the password with which a user will go into the data in field “Password again” type the wanted password to confirm it. By using „account type „you choose between admin or user, as the admin gets full package with rights, and for the user are defined by you.

To change the name or status of a user selecting the button “Edit”, repeat the same operations as for the introduction of the user.
To remove a specified user you choose the button „Delete”, after confirmation of the desired user operation is deleted.
To determine the rights of a user select the button "Rights".
Window that appears has 3 divisions: "Devide" which determines what device can monitor a user, "Program" where it sets the functions which will be available for user bred, "Driver" which determine which drivers will be able to see a user.