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Visualization and cultivation of data

Panel Visualization

OVERLIMITS - The over limits are indicated.



STAY - Shows on the map different types of stay: Short, Medium, Long. The time duration of the stays is given by the icon for “Detail Verification”.


Impacts - Displays trigger accelerometer if GPS device is equipped with such and such
function was included.


Information - Describes in detail: STAY subject and others.


GPS CONNECTION - If PC-it is an external GPS receiver with this feature shows the current status of the PC- on the map.



PROJECTS - Different types of objects displayed on the map.



Garages shows areas - places to park for long and based on th vehicle.



Cities - Display list in a separate layer on the map of settlements.



PANEL APPLICATIONS - In the form of a 16:9 screen is not possible to fully depict all buttons and panels. Sometimes necessary to take maximum card spot. By pressing this icon in the panel's left is not displayed and released more seats on the map.


Individual coloring of follow different from randomly generated color
To change the color of the sign with your desired color in order to clearly distinguish the line card the Help menu "Data Base loaded" select box at the right of the picture and noted after a single click in / on him and the emergence of the color palette to select your desired color.
By using the menu buttons work in "full data base" have the opportunity to visualize trace information loaded to:
- Date and time for home
- Vehicle and Driver
- Company
Colored according to the following: speed, part of the day, day of the week
Speed color scheme - set to the colors, which are visualized in the track depending on the speed at different speed ranges. Activation of staining following speed become of auxiliary menu Settings Visuals "then choose" speed color scheme. To more clear and distinct way for your to convenience, you can increase alpha map and its transparency.

DAILY color scheme - set to the colors, which are visualized in the light track of the days of the week. Activation colored days following it from the auxiliary menu Settings Visuals "then select" Daily color scheme. To more clearly and distinctly and for your convenience, you can increase alpha map that its transparency.

ILO working menu Settings Visuals "be able to:
- Choose the type of drawing on the following;
- The drawn line thickness and transparency of the map;
To follow drawing lines marked "Lines" for drawing points "points" a drawing that combined lines and points mark
"Draw” lines with points.
If you want to bold the line in field "line thickness" increase in numbers by clicking v. button "Up", and to reduce the thickness button "Down".



Show more card - From Panel "after" select "Map" having to choose between "Move index card (where card is stationary attached to the marker and move it in and move map) „Without movement on the map (where the card is set to determine your location on the desktop).
Search for addresses in the database
To search and locate your desired addresses in the panel "Preview" select "address". By appears Address Book can search for addresses within the city can bring all the addresses listed or to filter by neighborhood, street, street number, login.
After double click on the address you want , he is being localized and scaled on the map.
Control image, +, -, magnifying glass, moving
Moving - Moves or drags the card and following the screen.
INFO - Click a point on the loaded trace shows information about the point (time, coordinates, etc.).
Magnifying glass
Increases fenced area with the tool.
CENTER - Loaded track centered on the screen.
Approximations or to increase the representation of the map, right mouse button after clicking once in v. desktop displays your menu through which you can choose your desired zoom.
You can use the help menu control as you have the option to increase or decrease the scaling.