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Web tracking


Electroninvest offers you a huge range of ready to use solutions for you, your family and your business. We can clear out the things around you, you will be able to find the members of the family, to control and optimize your business by knowing the exact location of the employees and the vehicles . Electroninvest developed different types of GPS/GPR devices for tracking, which can apply for your needs. On the web version you can track the location of the vehicle or person you are interested in. You will have possibilities to receive full information for the route, the places that were visited, the speed, the stops that were made, and any disorder on the route. Also you can watch your devices through your mobile phone on the following address: www.sledi.me. If your mobile phone does not have a browser you can send SMS to our central office and you will receive another SMS with the location of the object:address, speed, and etc. For more information for our services take a look and the section named “Products” on this page or call the following number: +359 2 981 5928.